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The Void

Cargo! The Quest For Gravity

Cargo! The Quest For Gravity
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The creator-gods have awakened. They were horrified upon seeing what people have done with Earth. They immediately began setting things to rights. To sum things up, all that was left were several clumps of land upon which experimental models of ideal inhabitants roamed. These guys do not lose heart; they firmly stand on their feet (which can't be said about the people of the older model) and they look towards the future optimistically!

Not only that, but the guys are extremely productive. When they are in a good mood, they produce ivy - a substance that, in fact, keeps them on Earth, which no longer had the force of gravity. The ivy gives weight back to everything that the gods had thrown away.

As a representative of the old race, you must find the correct approach to the fun guys and cajole them into making enough ivy to put Earth back together again.

The gods that have fallen into insanity must also be dealt with; they have just started.

Everything on Earth has started to lose its weight. The force of gravity has weakened to almost nothing, and everything is flying away in different directions. People, buildings, mountains, trees, and even entire islands are floating away into the air.

Cargo is becoming a major asset on the planet. For some reason, some things do not lose their weight. There is a hunt for weighty things and they are traded for a variety of valuables.

A small crew, consisting of misanthropic captain-carrier, Borkin, and a phlegmatic assembler, Flocks, brings a consignment of weighty mechanical components to a small archipelago. As payment for the priceless consignment of cargo, they were offered just one barrel of the mysterious essence called ivy.

The dirigible, "Hippopotamus," was flying to Bratskiy with cargo full of technical junk when the plane was hit by the jubilant guys in the frenzy of their joyful meeting and crashed. Captain Borkin courageously exited the plane to look around while the fearful Flocks stayed on board the plane. There is no more hope. The priceless cargo is scattered across the entire archipelago. There is no sign of intelligent life around.


  • Based on the majority of laws of physics, the construction of various vehicles and modes of transportation for land, air, and water.
  • An underwater world, a sky world, and oddly enough, a world on land - all of which can be investigated and explored.
  • We have partly explained the plot, but it continues to surprise even us with the new things it brings forth.
  • The best weapon of victory is your your very own soundtrack. Upload your playlist into the game and it will bring you success.

Buy the game through Steam.

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