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The Void

Cargo! The Quest For Gravity

«On the other side of the ice»
The illusions were interactive. In August 2000, Oak notices that the inhabitants of the Norwegian [Chulan] were behaving as if they felt the presence of an invisible observer. In November 2000 Karkace arrives with the message that the inhabitants of Mourning Algebra looked him in the eyes, and instinctively left him an extra chair or set of flatware. Once, a woman moved her hand through his body. Unfortunately, at the time, the fragmented personality and the unpredictability of [Traurnaya algebra] did not allow а successful study of the magical phenomenon of interactivity. The apogee of this [tendency, path] became the autumn of 2001 when we first achieved contact with the characters of the illusion "Broken Glass." [The shock that the scouts experienced gives in to the description with difficulty.] It was then that spontaneous  on the mine were first prohibited.

We noted that the heart of every illusion is a tense conflict. In the [Norwegian Chulan], Oak did not observe this, but obviously there was a conflict, and it was either hidden or misunderstood. In every situation, the characters behaved in such a way as if they were in a dangerous stalemate, either fraught with the death of one of them, or they could not make the correct decision. Matrix, Oak, and Ein decided that the characters of the illusions turned to the observers, trying to fix the situation with their help. Something similar occurs when a ghost contacts the world of the living, demanding that the living person to fix that which inhibits the ghost's soul to find eternal rest.

The illusions froze in between visits, ceasing all life during our absences. However, while life stood still, the conflicts progressed. By chance, after a two-month absence, Ein returned to [Traurnaya Algebra] to the same situation but to an [extreme level of heat.]  He returned to the base with a gray hair. What he had seen left an overwhelming impression. In the end, the exploration so intrigued us, we started developing applications to solve the situation. We did this for ourselves because we felt the burden of responsibility for every discovery in the mine. The nature of the illusion requires that these applications be interactive and versatile. On the outside, they resembled games, but they had a different functional purpose. We called these games "ice picks."

The mine's unusual illusional worlds themselves deserve close attention. We strived to [fix, set] all the details of the illusion, first, those that seemed more important, and then those that were less important. Every detail could end up being the key to the puzzle. Describing the world of illusion is extremely difficult. The illusion has its own personality, a life of its own, and its own [measures] that differ from our own world. The process is fixed gradually, based on the development of the situation  and on our descents into the mine, which, alas, do not occur often enough due to the solid layer of ice.

In this section, we offer you the latest research.

Presently, work is being done with the hallucinations "Mor" and "Shattered Glass." Working on "Traurnaya Algebra" is impossible due to the absolutely impossible nature of the given illusion. "The Norwegian Chulan" is recently a "lipkaya pamyat'" to explorers. Ein has come to the conclusion that this situation has reached a critical point and has resolved itself tragically.
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