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The Throw
One of the anomalous properties of the mine is unpredictable teleportation of the scouts. For example, in 1982, two scouts were thrown approximately 20 meters to the side of the starting point. That same year, a speleologist, having descended down approximately 80 meters was thrown back to the top where he started. In 1986, several months before the collapse, the mine systematically moved the alpinists and speleologists to arbitrary points of the eastern wall. Characteristically, this wave of throws coincides with the first attempts to describe the hallucinations occurring in the mine.

The Drill
A huge industrial auger with an adjustable angle to the surface. It was installed near the mine after the collapse in 1986. The drill was powered by the generator whose power was insufficient to ensure normal operation of the drill. Over the course of eight years, a few researchers working at the station tried unsuccessfully to improve the cumbersome, outdated equipment. In 1994, due to the lack of funding, these attempts were discontinued and the station was abandoned.

The Ice
A thick layer of ice, plugging the mine after an avalanche in 1986. By some strange coincidence, the deposits of frozen snow plugged the mine in the exact spots where researchers had previously noted the most active sites of the illusions. These sites are also the most amenable to study the spacial patterns of the throws. In relation to this, it became vital that the ice was removed by hand with ice picks at the points where presumably it was possible to detect the activity of the hallucinogenic sources of the mine. The developers/ice picks descend down big corridors, that are a result of the work of the drill, and then carefully break through the ice shell to get into the mine.

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