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The Mine
The mine is a narrow cleft in the mountains, found at the altitude of 3100 meters. The total length of the mine is 11km. The mine is very deep, presumably up to several thousand meters. There are two broad areas that are easy for descent. The first is "the Throat" - a collapsed section with sloping walls, about 400 meters in length. It is located near the station. The second area is "Yarn", found 6 km to the east. Its length runs about 600 meters. After the collapse in the year 1986, all entrances into the mine were plugged up by ice. Over the course of 8 years, many unsuccessful attempts were made to break a hole in the thick ice and slag. According to numerous reports and other documentary materials, the interior of the mine shaft has distinctive anomalous properties. In 1994, systematic studies of the mine were shut down.

The Station
The station was built for the staff in 1987 after the installation of a heavy electric drill. The station is composed of several buildings: the laboratory, the generator, the utility room, and storage annexes. From 1988 to 1994 all of the staff's efforts were focused on repairing the generator and the maintenance of the drill. Because of this, the station's inhabitants were mostly engineers and technicians. Few studies of the mine were done; the only studies done were of the composition of the rock samples taken from the walls of the mine before the collapse in 1986. In 1994, the station was abandoned. As of 1995, a group of volunteers resumed with the development. The station was partially restored and received the name Ice-Pick Lodge.

The Illusion
The illusion is the main mystery of the mine. Depending on how far down the developer descends into the mine, it presents a brief, but vivid hallucination. The hallucination rarely lasts more than a few seconds, but it has an extraordinary emotional impact. In addition, the illusion is characterized by the high quality of the details and becomes fixated in the memory. In the process, the memory is enriched with new details. The illusion offers worlds that differ from reality, but the testimonies of witnesses who shared their experiences are all in agreement, and based on them it is clear that these worlds are constant. A certain place in the mine (with some error) portrays the same world to a variety of people. Moreover, some illusions constantly reproduce the same situation. Sometimes, such a situation develops over time.



We know for a fact that the staff that had abandoned the station in 1986 was faced with the illusions, but we did not find any descriptions. The beginning of the drill work was accompanied by strange events, but it seems the technicians were not quite certain what they had been faced with. They themselves had not descended into the mine shaft, and the alpinists and climbers, who used the station as base camp, could only share their own impressions. As far as we know, the drillers were not interested in the studies of the former inhabitants of the station and they accredited the stories or the alpinists to an unstable state of mind, a mountain sickness, or fumes from the mine.

We have our suspicions as to why there are only testimonies left and no descriptions. The illusions are as impossible to describe with words, as it is impossible to convey a color through smell.

From 1995 to 2001 there were more than 20 passages. We returned to three of them repeatedly; the hallucinations were more pronounced than in any of the other passages. These are "The Norwegian Cellar," "Mor," and "Shattered Glass." Memory hold the most incredible details: the quantity of rivets in the handle of a knife, an eyelash in the corner of the eye that had fallen out, the label on a garbage can, etc). Moreover, with focus, these details are enriched by new details. As this is happening, there is a feeling of being back in the space of the illusion. However, to stay in this state, one needs complete concentration and strong willpower. The feeling disappears from even the slightest external influence.

Recently, it has been suggested that the extent of the illusion's eccentricity is directly proportional to the depth of the mine shaft. The deeper one descends into the mine shaft, the less their mind is prepared to encounter another illusion. No wonder our first find was "The Norwegian Cellar." And "Funeral Algebra," into which one is thrown from the Neon crevice, is completely unable to be understood and constantly causes horror.

It seems likely that the logic of these throws is governed by this regularity, and at first glance, these bursts appear quite unsystematic. That same Neon crevice throws only four ice picks into the illusion "Algebra," and at great intervals. The crevice teleports everyone else to arbitrary locations of the mine not far from the starting point (from 6 to 17 meters).

The throw sends the ice pick to where he should be in a given period of time in terms of the internal measures of the mine. We still can not understand whether the mine has consciousness, or if its elements are activated in accordance with the overall balance of its development, as in an ecosystem.

Geller's Mine 15 to 20 meters, "Norwegian Cellar"
Point 6
from 8 to 12 m, "Norwegian Cellar" and strange fragments of an illusion about old women
Point 41
from 5 to 70 (!) m, fragments of an illusion about a river, sticky memory about the "Norwegian Cellar" (since April 2002), once in 2001 there was the "Norwegian Cellar" but it was somewhat off.
Neon crevice
from 6 to 16 m, "Funeral Algebra"
Point 44
from 10 to 22 m, fragments of a beginning of a war, presumably a world war.
Point 60
from 5 to 35 m, fragments of a totally confusing world, consisting mainly of smells and tactile sensations.
Lilac crevice
from 10 to 27 m, "Pathologic"
"The Chain"
from 3 to 20 m, most different fragments, sticky memory about the "Norwegian Cellar," "Mor" (very unsystematic, fragments do not last more than 3-4 seconds)
Point 93
from 5-33 m, "Shattered Glass"
Point 101
from 7 to 100 (!) m, fragments about the world that reminds one of classical fantasies
Reliance Triangle
from 10 to 25 m, "Pathologic"
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